What Tools Do We Use?

Silver Rose offers a veritable toolbox of practical ways to evolve your level of happiness. Her presence on social media and her unique and pragmatic Happiness Hacks are just a few of the free tools available to support you on your journey.


This is the #1 tool Silver used to recover from her own depression. The basis of all her work is the universal principle that you get more of what you focus on.  Therefore, the most transformative tool Silver teaches is how to focus on purpose.

Physiological Techniques

Just as your mind impacts your body, how you hold your body has a significant impact on your mind, your mood and your happiness. Silver leads you through her toolkit of simple, pragmatic ways to utilize your expressions and posture to increase your happiness.


Your mindset is the lens through which you view the world. It literally determines how you feel. Learning how to develop a positive mindset colors your world in a very pleasing way.


Silver has delivered hundreds of standup comedy performances and fully understands the power laughter has on one’s mood. What she teaches are ways to utilize laughter for long-lasting impact.

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Tips that work.