Silver Rose

Happiness Mindset Coach

What if you could really achieve happiness?

What is a Happiness Mindset Coach?

Mindset is at the very center of experiencing a happier life. But many of us never learned the practices and tools to be able to create this reality in our lives. There is a false assumption that we naturally know how to be happy. If only.

A Happiness Mindset Coach guides you in identifying, establishing and embracing the practice of being happier in a real and tangible way. With her own life-changing experience overcoming alcoholism and 30 years of depression, Silver Rose walks the talk and will help map out the route for your happiness journey.

How Do We Achieve Happiness?

Being happier is not only possible, it’s your right as a human being. Achieving it is a process of action and reflection.

Although each person’s path may have its own blueprint, there are three holistic elements that are at the heart of every individual happiness journey: mindset, physiology and spiritual connection. Learning how to blend all three transforms the level of happiness we experience.

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