Secrets to Passionate Self Care

What if there was a simple and easy-to-learn approach to life that can emotionally transform you from wherever you are now to the next level up (and then to the next and then to the next and then…)?

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Being Happier

More Peace of Mind

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Hi. My name is Silver. I know you can achieve happiness because I did.

For 30 years, I suffered with clinical depression. My doctor told me I’d had it since age five.

Today I am fully recovered.

If recovery were all that happened, it would be more than enough. Depression is a terrible thing and the relief of it being lifted feels like a miracle.

My life transformed in all areas:

I am physically healthy where I had been chronically sick. I enjoy rich and rewarding relationships. I became a better mother, a better sibling, and friend. I re-married and am a much better spouse. And wow, did my finances improve!

And get this: I experience joy on a regular basis. JOY!!! Put a check mark next to spiritual transformation.

Now I am ready and eager to share with you the tools that transformed me from clinical depression to true happiness.

As the saying goes, “For of those to whom much is given, much is required.”

I am devoting the rest of my life to supporting others to achieve happiness. With the epidemic of depression and stress, we need all hands on deck and I’m stepping up.

Whether you are where I was (or worse) – OR – you’re really stressed and need some relief – OR – you’re doing well and would like to do even better, these tools will support your well-being.

Hint: it’s all about where you focus.

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