How to Get Out of Your Own Way & Practice Self-Care

Reduce Stress |No Extra Time |Proven Tools

The Class You Don’t Want to Miss Out On!


In this class I will walk you through:


The #1 secret that ensures that things get better, and fast.


How to decrease stress by tweaking some things you’re already doing.


Proven techniques for identifying and rescripting the self-talk that is sabotaging you.


Self-care that takes no extra time or money. 

This Low-Cost Zoom Class is a Must Attend if…


-> You are experiencing stress and anxiety.


-> Your energy and zest for life is lower than usual.


-> Most of your time and attention is spent on the needs of others and you feel guilty when you wonder, “What about me?”


-> You’re not unhappy, but not feeling great.


-> You are experiencing Covid-19 isolation burnout

About Your Presenter

Silver Rose, a dynamic and funny presenter is in recovery from 30 years of clinical depression & PTSD that was triggered when she was 5 years old and deepened as a teen when she began to abuse alcohol & drugs. In High School she began looking for answers in her local library and hasn’t stopped since. After much work, she finally broke free in her mid-30s and has grown increasingly happy over the years.  Her passion is to share with others what she learned (and keeps learning) so they can enjoy the same level of contentment. In this class, she will share three of her most impactful strategies.

A part-time stand-up comic and full-time speaker, Silver is the author of several books including Change Your Focus; Change Your Outlook, The Comedians Quote Book and You’re the Reason Our Kids are Ugly(country-western funny quotes). Her proudest accomplishment is having successfully raised her two daughters, at-risk teens she adopted from foster care at ages 12 and 15 (yikes!).

You deserve to be happy—and it IS possible!

This 75-minute class is only $29.

$5 from each enrollment will be donated to a Food Bank (and yes, I will offer proof).

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